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What Is A License Plate Lookup?

A license plate lookup, whether for Alabama or any other US state, queries public and proprietary databases to fetch information on any DMV-registered vehicle. The report may include details about the vehicle like make and model, title brands, accident history, ownership history and more.

Why Do Users Typically Need To Search A License Plate?

There are primarily three reasons why a user may need to look up a license plate:

1) Vehicle Details: When the VIN isn't available a license plate lookup can help find the vehicle details. This is particularly helpful when someone is buying a used vehicle.

2) Ownership details: Scenarios when there is a hit and run or suspicious activity involving a vehicle, users may seek ownership details to contact the vehicle owner. However, privacy concerns necessitate users to have a DPPA-compliant reason for carrying out such searches.

3) To review a bad driver: Users may search a license plate to leave online reviews or report incidents regarding a driver's behavior or driving habits. Previously, users relied on platforms like Reddit or Twitter, but there wasn't a dedicated community for such discussions. LookupAPlate aims to address this gap!

What Details Can You View In The Report?

LookupAPlate's free report includes detailed vehicle records and history, with personal information generally restricted for privacy. Information available includes:

  • Title, sales and lien records
  • Ownership History
  • Current and past owners (only for valid DPPA requests)
  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Theft, accident & salvage records
  • Recalls & Warranties
  • Market Value
  • Service History
  • Odometer History

Who Does The Report Benefit To?

License plate reports are useful for vehicle owners, buyers, dealerships, auction websites, government agencies, and towing companies, offering valuable information for research, assessment, and vehicle history purposes.

How To Lookup A License Plate In Alabama?

Users can request license plate records from the Alabama Department of Revenue (ALDOR) or use online platforms like LookupAPlate for the search.

Alabama Department of Revenue: The Motor Vehicle Division of ALDOR maintains license plate records for all registered vehicles in the state. However, access to these records is restricted to authorized parties under certain circumstances, as defined by the DPPA (Driver's Privacy Protection Act). Typically, requests are accepted from law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, towing companies, or individuals with permissible reasons. If eligible, you can request vehicle records through this link.

AL Motor Vehicle Division Mailing Address (Registration & Records)

P.O. Box 327630
Montgomery, AL 36132-7630
(334) 242-9000

Note: The process may take up to 4 weeks.

LookupAPlate allows you to search a license plate in seconds, all online. Simply enter the license plate number into our website's search bar and hit “Search.” Within seconds, a comprehensive report will be generated, including vital vehicle specs and history. You can also request owner details from our partners (with a DPPA-compliant reason), view community-reported incidents for that vehicle, and provide your feedback.

Refer to this video for step-by-step instructions:

Alabama License Plate Information

How to Identify an Alabama license plate?

Before conducting the license plate lookup, you must ensure it’s an Alabama-registered vehicle. Here’s how you can go about identifying an Alabama license plate:

A standard Alabama license plate is 6 inches by 12 inches (15.24 cm by 30.48 cm). It has a lake and forest background with a blue, green and yellow colour scheme, and the license number is screen printed in black. Further, on the top, “Alabama” is printed in bold, “Heart of Dixie” is written in the bottom left (small print), and a two-digit year is stamped on the plate. The Alabama Department of Revenue introduced the current series on January 2, 2014.

The Alabama registration number is seven characters long and starts with one or two digits (depending on the county), followed by two letters and then two or three digits.

License number format: 0AB1234 or 00AB123 (depending on the county).

Where can you find the license plate number?

Alabama is one of 21 states (source) that require the license plate to be displayed at the rear of the vehicle only. You can locate the license plate at the rear of any Alabama-registered vehicle. Alternatively, you can find the license plate number on the vehicle registration and insurance card.

License plate cost:

The base registration cost of the license plate is $23, plus there is a $50 annual charge. Additionally, some counties impose local fees and ad valorem tax. The state transfer is $1.25.

Types of License Plates in Alabama:

  1. Standard - Issued to most Alabama vehicles, including private vehicles, motorcycles, and pickup trucks.
  2. Personalized - Customizable tags with a combination of letters and numbers chosen by the vehicle owner. Requires a $50 fee in addition to regular fees.
  3. Specialty - Customizable plates allowing personalization to show support for a charity, athletic team, college, or university. 

The Alabama Motor Vehicle Division offers 122 types of specialty plates.

  • Alabama Bicentennial 
  • Alabama Cattlemen 
  • Alabama Forests 
  • Alabama Gold Star Family
  • Alabama Nurses Foundation
  • Alabama Treasure Forest Association
  • Stop Domestic Violence 
  • Support the Arts
  • Wildlife Federation 
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
  • etc.

Recent Reports in AL:

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