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Report A Bad Driver Online

Most of us have encountered reckless, aggressive, or bad drivers on the road. Bad drivers cut you off with no regard to lane changes, run signals, speed excessively, make unsafe turns and ultimately put others at risk.

Now you can do your bit by writing about the incident and uploading dashcam footage and images on our platform. Your report is published on our website (and Youtube) and shows up against the license plate number whenever someone searches for it. The incident report being in the public domain might discourage drivers (at least, we hope so) from driving recklessly in the future. At the same time, the report may help other drivers to be aware of such reckless drivers on the road.

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Note: We've created an online platform for people to share their experiences with bad drivers. We're not affiliated with any law enforcement agency, and this is purely a citizen initiative. The comments, pictures and videos belong to the original uploaders, and we don't verify or validate these reports. We urge you to contact the concerned authorities in case of any emergency.