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There are many reasons someone would want to look up a license plate number. Most people do the search to find the vehicle history, like accident reports and service history, which comes in handy when buying a secondhand car. A license plate search can also help you identify the driver of a particular vehicle.

So how do you search for a license plate in Wyoming? Here are 3 ways to look up a license plate in Wyoming:

  • Wyoming Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • Third-party websites
  • Private investigators

Keep reading because we show you how to do a license plate lookup, how to identify a Wyoming license plate and the costs associated with licensing.

How to look up a license plate in Wyoming

Ways to Look Up a Wyoming License Plate

1) Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT)

In Wyoming, the Department of Transportation (not the DMV) oversees vehicle registration and licensing in the state. While the DOT has all the vehicle and license plate records, it doesn’t allow the public to access this information directly.

The DPPA act protects personally identifiable information (name, address, phone, etc.), but you can obtain that info if you have a legal reason for the request. Legally permissible causes include (but are not limited to) theft, matters of driver/vehicle safety, emissions, product alterations, recalls, parts and dealers, market research activity, and survey research.

If you meet the eligibility criteria:

A vehicle search at the DMV in Wyoming will cost you $5, and you have to fill and submit a Vehicle record & privacy disclosure form (MV-220). You can fill out the form and send it by mail or complete the process online by emailing [email protected].

2) Third-Party Lookup Services

The second option is to use third-party lookup services. The benefit here is the whole search process is online, and you don’t need to submit any forms or wait for weeks for the results.

These services have access to several public, private and proprietary databases and the results are usually more comprehensive. You can expect to find detailed vehicle history, and if you have got a DPPA-compliant reason, you might also be able to view the vehicle owner’s details. The downside is that such services are usually paid and the search might cost anywhere from $2 to $10.

But wait, there is a free option! LookupAPlate allows you to search for a license plate in Wyoming (and the rest of the US states) for free and view basic vehicle information. If you’re after a comprehensive report, we’ve negotiated a competitive discounted rate from our data provider for our users (typically $2.95).

3. Private Investigators

Another option is to hire a private investigator to do the search. This option is the most expensive, but it will be worth it, especially if you are looking for specific information about a driver and their history. PIs would still require a valid reason for the search, and they have access to the DOT database to carry out the search.

How to Identify a Wyoming License Plate

Wyoming standard license plate sample

The current design of Wyoming license plates displays the lower green river lake and Squaretop Mountain in the background.

All plate designs must have the bucking horse logo, a black image of a cowboy holding his hat sitting on a horse.

The letter T is added to truck plates to differentiate them from regular passenger plates with similar numbers.

The University of Wyoming plates have a gold background with brown numbers.

A typical Wyoming plate is 30x15 centimetres or 6x12 inches made from aluminium and has a county-coded serial number.

Wyoming License Plate Regulations

The thing about regulations...there are a lot of them! Here are the most important ones regarding Wyoming license plates:

  1. All license plates in Wyoming are issued by the local County Treasurer’s Office. You can register your vehicle in your area County Clerk’s Office. You must pass the inspection to register your car successfully.
  2. Your vehicle must have a license plate in the front and the back. However, custom vehicles and antique cars can have one license plate at the back because most were not designed to have one at the front. Motorcycles and trailers also require only one license plate.
  3. In case of loss or damage of a license plate, you must get a new or similar plate and a registration certificate from the county treasurer.
  4. Your vehicle must have a validation sticker, and you must carry a copy of your registration certificate at all times.
  5. Wyoming license plates change every eight years and significantly differ from the earlier design.

Wyoming License Plate Cost

The cost of getting a license plate in Wyoming depends on the type of vehicle:

  • Passenger vehicles - $30
  • Motorcycles - $25
  • Commercial - $200 - $1500 depending on the weight
  • Trucks and trailers - $5 - $90 depending on the weight

The above license plate fees are the same in every county in Wyoming.

Note that there are other types of license plates, such as the University of Wyoming plate, that cost $130. Replacing a license plate will cost you $8, and duplicating will cost you $30. You can make the payments with cash, check, Visa or credit card, or money order.

Note that in the state of Wyoming, you keep your license plate, meaning you don’t have to get a new one when you buy a new vehicle. You transfer the plate to your new car.

The same applies when you sell your car. You don’t sell it with your license plate. Instead, the new owner must apply for a new one.

Types of License Plates Available in Wyoming

Besides the standard license plate, Wyoming also has specialty plates.

Some of these specialty plates will cost more to get because the process is longer. For example, the county treasurer must approve a specialty plate before applying to the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).

Below are the various types of specialty license plates available in the state of Wyoming:

  • Prestige plates
  • Veteran plates
  • Gold Star plates
  • Choice Disabled Veteran plates
  • University of Wyoming
  • Former POW
  • Radio Amateur
  • National Guard
  • Fire Fighter
  • EMT
  • Embossed Plates
  • Purple Heart Recipient
  • Disabled veteran
  • Pioneer
  • Street Rod and Custom Vehicle
  • Sample
  • Novelty 

The last four plates on the above list can only be obtained through the WYDOT – Motor Vehicle Services.

You can also get a personalized plate. A personalized license plate has a unique set of letters and numbers. You can apply for a customized plate online or get an application form from the County Treasurer’s Office.

Note that Wyoming began using a different numbering system in 2001, so personalized plates that start with a number are not allowed.

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