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What kind of data can you find in the Nevada license plate search?

Our Nevada license plate lookup report includes detailed vehicle records and history. The data comes from the DMV, NHTSA, NMVTIS and multiple third-party data sources. 

Information available includes:

  • Title, sales and lien records
  • Ownership History
  • Current and past owners (only for valid DPPA requests)
  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Theft, accident & salvage records
  • Recalls & Warranties
  • Market Value
  • Service History
  • Odometer History

But wait, you can also share feedback about the drivers!

We're an online platform that lets you share feedback about other drivers, whether it's positive or negative, using their license plate number. Think of it as creating reviews for individual drivers, just like you would for your favorite products or restaurants. So by contributing your valuable feedback, you can actually make a difference by exposing offending drivers in the public eye!

Other options to conduct license plate lookup in Nevada:

While LookupAPlate offers a quick and easy way to search for a vehicle tag, we admit we’re not the only provider offering such a service. There are few other data providers but we're confident we have the most robust database than the most.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Users can also request license plate records from the Nevada DMV directly. The DMV requires a valid reason for accessing vehicle records (as defined in DPPA), as its private information.

Law enforcement agencies, attorneys, towing truck companies, private investigators and insurance companies are some of the few who can request these records. 

Requesting details of an abandoned vehicle or the vehicle involved in an accident isn’t considered an acceptable reason. If you do have a valid reason, you need to fill the form IR002 and send it to the following address:

Central Services Records Division
555 Wright Way Carson City,
NV 89711-0250

Ph: (775) 684-4590

The fee for the search is $5 and the whole process takes about two weeks.

You can read more about the requirements and eligibility criteria to request the records here.

Things to keep in mind while searching!

You may be surprised to know that 83% of searches on our platform that don't yield results are due to users selecting the wrong state. While it may seem obvious, selecting the right state can be tricky. 

The increase in interstate movement of vehicles, new license plate designs, and multiple vanity license plate options make it a bit complicated to correctly determine the vehicle's state of registration.

To help you out here’s a quick guide to different license plate designs in Nevada.


The Standard Nevada license plate has a light blue background with multicolour mountains mural graphics. On the top of the plate state’s name, “NEVADA”, is written in black letters. At the bottom, “Home means Nevada” is printed in black letters. The license registration number is embossed in black at the center.

There are also Circa 1982 plates which have a dark blue background with white lettering, but it isn’t that common.

A license registration number is a unique alpha-numeric number assigned to a vehicle by the Nevada DMV upon registration. It’s six characters long and typically follows this format: 123 A45.

Specialty Design & Vanity Plates:

By default, most vehicles will receive a standard license plate. The other designs options are:

1) Specialty plates: These are available for an additional fee and come in various designs to show support or affiliation with a certain organization, college profession or cause.

Specialty plate categories:

  • Charitable and Collegiate
  • Organizations
  • Veterans
  • Standard, Disabled and Circa 1982 Replica
  • Classic Vehicles

2) Disabled license plates: These license plates are available for people with disabilities.

3) Personalized plates: These can be customized with a combination of letters and numbers of your liking, provided they’re unique, not offensive and unique.

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